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Various stimulation needs to be done to develop the intelligence of his brain. One of them is by listening to music, which is proven to affect brain development into adulthood later. During this time parents usually just focus on formal education such as schools for the ability to read, write, and count children. In fact, art education such as dance, music, and drama are also good for brain development.

Parents are 'role models' for their children. Behavior and counsel from parents will always be a role model for your child, therefore the role of parents is very important to be a motivator. Here are some simple tips that you can do as a parent to her baby.

Most parents usually will not worry if you see her baby playing in the mud. But it seems that these concerns can be reduced because a recent study found that playing in the mud can make children smarter. There is good news for parents who are worried about the cleanliness of their children, especially because children love to play dirty in the mud.

Parents often teach their children to read and write but rarely taught to paint or draw. Though painting can help children express their feelings. Children generally love to draw, scribble or make a mark on the wall even paper using a pencil or crayon. This condition sometimes makes parents upset because the house being messy.

Spiritual intelligence has a lot of concepts, tips, and what the heck do however like it if we are spiritually intelligent? what feelings we experience? Are there anything to do with the brain? Truly intelligent spiritual or close to God, it must be proven to be in the zone that requires sincere three things, namely brain wave should be more in the position of Alfa and Theta.

Research conducted by the members of the human brain have been found and the work function of each found in the human brain: 1. The left brain is often linked to IQ (Intelligence Quotient). IQ includes the ability to calculate, formulate hearing, reading, writing, logic and analysis. Higher education in the world today many concentrated in the brain's left.

Who does not know Albert Einstein? a scientist renowned inventor of the theory of relativity throughout the 20th century. Did you like what Einstein's brain and what makes it so genius? Through recent studies, the researchers reveal. Quoted News Max Health, from Einstein's brain taken 7 hours after his death in 1955, found that the left and right hemispheres connected very well.

There is a method of education that is now introduced to the public. Namely, training for the "wake" of the midbrain. The method of entry into Indonesia about two months ago, but has made a curious parents. Like what? PAT hand boisterous mothers are clustered in Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta, do not make Ilyas nervous.

Many people are fooled by the term genius. The term genius is understood as a layman who has an IQ above 150. Two days midbrain training understood layman to compare IQ children above 150. This is of course not true and needs to be clarified. Understanding genius with an IQ measure was not his time anymore because every human being has the intelligence of others emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Of the many nutrients that you give to kids, do not forget to give this five mandatory nutrition. Here's a list of nutrients that should always be on baby food and family. 1. Calcium Bone growth usually occurs between the ages of 10 to 20 years, therefore, that calcium is an important nutrient for the future growth of children.

When the psychic being tired, stressed, or with age most people feel that there is a setback in memory and thinking ability. However, not to worry, because of course there are ways to maintain brain health. Approximately what to do to maintain a healthy brain?

The research revealed that many parents actually do not want to hit her, but I do not know another way that can be used to give a sentence (punishment) to the child. Recent research done Family Research Laboratory show, hitting children to teach children to use aggression and violent action to solve their problems.

A British study recently mentioned, people whose lives are cheerful and happy to have a higher level of intelligence than those who are always moody and felt his life was not happy. This research was conducted on 6,700 people who had worse mental health indication and low-income. "poor mental health and low incomes who do not contribute either to the development of intelligence quotient (IQ), as well as being the cause of one's unhappiness in his life,"

Talking with children is a kind of art, it takes special techniques and methods. We try to give two examples of the following cases. son came home from kindergarten school. Mothers: "You're back?" Son: "I have returned." Mother: "Today you do anything in school?" Son: "Nothing." Mother: "Eat a snack what?"

Concentration for some children is a very difficult thing. Especially when they are at home and have to complete the task as well as homework. Votes TV or mobile sound can easily damage concentration. As a parent, you should not directly scold if the child has difficulty in concentration. Try to help your baby with five of the following, as quoted from

The potential dangers of violent video games have been a debate for many years. There is little scientific evidence to suggest that the game is bad effect on nerve function. Recent research suggests that changes in brain areas associated with cognitive function and emotional control in young adult men after playing violent video games.

Looking at the performance of our children is a very fun, makes parents proud, not infrequently we relate to neighbors or relatives that we were able to win his commendable performance, this is a reasonable and normal, but what will happen if his performance is not precisely and often do not ever want to be alone so come join the race.

Many believe only energy or weight can fluctuate during the day. In fact, the human brain also has its own rhythm and no time-time best. Anytime a brilliant time to do a particular activity? Health.MSN As quoted from, there are 8 specific time in which someone can be brilliant in performing his duties, ie: 7-9 am Hours.

Golden PERIOD for children is at the age of 3 to 5 years and is the most important time in a child's brain development. Required proper stimulation and thorough with him doing exciting activities and fun. specific activities for children ages 3 to 5 years can stimulate the brain of the baby in order to jump farther with him to play.

Eating fresh fruit has many benefits for the body. The following six types of fruit can even help improve the ability of the brain. Families of berry i.e. strawberry or blueberry believed to be useful for brain health. The results Dr. Elizabeth Devore and his team from Harvard Medical School found that women who more frequently ate blueberries and strawberries have better memory as they enter old age.

Children are born with a strong instinct for playing. Therefore, this activity fun and make them rejoice. Yet behind that happiness, play activities also helped bring a positive impact to the development of children, ranging from the power of imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills, and social skills.

Brain gym has already widely discussed among the people. What is Brain Gym? According to Erna Marina Kusuma, M. Psi, Brain Gym is a series of movement that is structured in such a way as to optimize the ability of a person's brain. Brain Gym by Paul Dennison pioneered with the aim to overcome learning difficulties.

When Children in the school or at home given hard punishment always tend to lie and hide his behavior .study published in the journal Child Development also shows that children who often punish within, will lie with the more convincing than that of a non-judgmental environment. Professor Victoria Talwar of McGill University and Professor Kang Lee of the University of Toronto

Child wakes in the morning is dizzying. The little one feel like getting a major constraint. Fortunately there are some easy steps to wake the child.

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