About Us

Talent Kids Academy's vision and mission is to help children grow their brain's learning potential to better prepare them to excel in future academics and life creating a better future by creating a better generation which helps creating more talents for our country.

Miracle Mind Academy conducts brain enrichment Workshop for children and adults Through the use of modern technology and advanced brain wave frequency in the joy of music and stress-free environment in human Brain development. We are making breakthroughs in awakening the human mind.

Each team member are successful professional and entrepreneur brings with them their various expertise, experience and most important of all, the commitment to develop your child. We conduct courses which can wake up some sleeping brain potential and produces excellent results. Our specialized training focuses on increasing the brain's potential by activating a child's Rigfht brain and Adults Brain.

So give your kids the opportunity of a lifetime and enroll in the Midbrain training program to better their minds for the future.

Our Core Values

  • Children First: We place the interests of the children first in everything we do. 
  • Collaborative Partnership: We foster a strong relationship with parents and associates. 
  • Culture of Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do. 
  • Professional Conduct: We hold the highest standard of integrity and treat everybody with respect and dignity. 
  • Community Spirit: We inculcate a strong sense of community spirit in our organisation.

Our Vision & Mission

To be a leading Global Training institute in the provision of quality childhood Training programmes for young children as well as education, training, behaviour and Intellectual development for lifelong learners.

To foster a learning organisation in partnership with parents, Global institutions and International Trainers to provide innovative educational and Intellectual training programmes towards the development of dynamic individuals with strong moral values and a passion for lifelong learning.